Biography of Babe Ruth

Biography of Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth – one of the best American baseball players, was born in the city of Baltimore.

At the age of seven, Babe’s parents gave him to Mary’s Industrial School in Baltimore. There he spent time studying the craft sewing, and in his spare time was fond of baseball. In the biography of Babe Ruth, semi-professional games began in Pennsylvania. In 1914, he signed a contract with the “Baltimore Orioles” international league. In the same year he began to play a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox American League.

Ruth, playing with his left hand, in 1914-1919 proved to be a hard-to-overcome reliever Red Sox, one of the most successful players in the main league. He won 87, lost 44 games, won in three US championships. Because the pitchers do not participate

in every game, in 1919 Ruth was moved to the position of an outfielder. There, his skill could manifest itself to the full.

The following year, Ruth was sold to the “New York Yankees” of the American League. His clever beating, an attractive appearance for the public, helped to save the popularity of the baseball player.

For several years, Ruth has committed a large number of home runs. The baseball player set a record of 60 home runs in 154 games of the season. In 1961, Roger Maris made 61 home runs in the 162 game of the season, in 1998 Mark McGwire – 70 home runs, in 2001 Barry Bonds – 73. Ruth committed 714 home runs in major league games. Such a high result was much later beaten by Hank Aaron. Ruth brought the Yankees seven champion titles. The Yankees Stadium, built in 1923, was nicknamed “the house that Ruth built.”

The athlete was the highest paid player of his time. In 1935, Ruth began to play for the Boston Braves National League. Ruth was an unmistakable figure in sports, with a broad physique, tightened legs. His talent and colorful game captured the imagination of baseball fans.

For example, in a third of the US championship game in 1932, Ruth appeared to show a spot located at the Chicago Cubs Stadium, where the ball should appear after his strike. Outside the field, “Bambino” made vivid headlines for his charity events quite well, both for his excessive appetites and his pompous lifestyle.

In 1936 the athlete became the second, chosen in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The first was Ty Cobb. A year earlier, in the biography of Babe Ruth, the Babe Ruth Foundation was established and provided by the athlete to help poor children. In 1931 he wrote the work “How to play baseball.”

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Biography of Babe Ruth