An interesting trip

Here’s the vacation. Today I’m leaving for France, where I’ll spend nine days. For several days I will be in Paris, and then I will go to Strasbourg. In Sheremetyevo quietly – there is no festive fuss. After inspecting, I began to watch people who were waiting for the invitation to land. So many nationalities: Turks, Indian women in national clothes, a group of youth in jackets with the inscription Russia dances hip-hop without music: rehearse. That’s landing. Three hours later our plane landed at the Charles de Gaulle airport. The hotel is located near the Grand Opera (the French say: Opera Garnier). Go to the Louvre on Mira Street for 10 minutes. From here you can see the Eiffel Tower very well. Many bridges. And wherever the monuments of history would look everywhere. The rest of the day we spent wandering around the old quarter of Marra. And the next day after breakfast at the hotel we left for Strasbourg on a high-speed train. So in two hours we were

already in the capital of Alsace. In Strasbourg there is the Court of Human Rights. And he is famous for his old half-timbered houses. It’s like fairy-tale houses – colorful, unusual for the Russian eye.

Now they are all decorated with soft toys, Christmas ornaments. And on all squares of the city there are fairs with various goods. There is also a Russian town: they sell painted nesting dolls, etc. And along the river there are river steamers on which you can ride. There it is warm, because they are completely covered with glass: and everything is visible, and the rain will not be soaked. On the second day we had a trip to the castle of Koenigsburg. He stands on top of the mountain (around the mountain – Vosges). This castle was built at the end of the 14th century, and destroyed in 15. Restored it in 1908. On the way to the castle passed a mountain of monkeys – some time ago there released monkeys, who lived freely in this place. But on this day the reserve was closed and we did not see anyone. And the castle was very powerful and beautiful. It houses a collection of weapons and furniture.

After the castle we did not long see the city of Colmar – the wine capital of Alsace. On the way we saw a reserve of storks. A stork is a symbol of Alsace. So it was my vacation. Can you still write about the history of Alsace – in the last century he changed his identity three times – it belonged to Germany, then France. They have street names written in 2 languages ​​(not always). The street names are very interesting: Brothers Street, Good People Street, Crow Square, Zerkalnaya Street. Here’s an essay for you. If it suits you. street of Good people, square of Crow, Zerkalnaya street. Here’s an essay for you. If it suits you. street of Good people, square of Crow, Zerkalnaya street. Here’s an essay for you. If it suits you.

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An interesting trip