“What does it mean to find yourself”

A person usually tries to be original. He tries to live in such a way that the work also gives him pleasure, and leisure was informative, and admiration is interesting. Not always and not all, of course, it works out. Often they say: he “found himself in science,” she is in sport. But I want to say absolutely not about that. Do I need to imitate other people in my life? With bad examples, everything is clear. Although, probably, and “very right” at least once in his life, without thinking, to do something bad “for the company”, so that he was “like everyone else.” For example, the whole class decided to escape from the control work. You realize that this is pointless: the control will be equally transferred, and parents will be called to school. In short, there will be a scandal and notations. But you do like everyone else. Do not have the courage to be yourself

Many tend to adhere to fashion, style of clothing, certain hobbies,

There is nothing wrong with that. But this is the case if this style is suitable for a person. And then what happens? Everyone wants to be fashionable, and together it turns out that everyone is dressed in the same way, all the same hairstyles are the same – as from an incubator. Everybody is in a hurry to the disco, but you do not have a heart for this music, you want to read something, but you go along with everyone, so that later you do not whisper, giggle, glancing sideways at you. Although why lose yourself “and afraid to express your own opinion?

With good examples it is more difficult. To be honest, just, not indifferent, erudite – who does not want this? But with a choice of profession. Let’s say parents are good doctors. And they prepare their son from childhood for this profession. To imitate the parental example, of course, is a noble affair. But does she like the person? Or will he become a really good doctor? As I believe, inheriting even the best examples, you have to go your own way, do what you like. To live in such a way that the mind and heart of you are in agreement.

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“What does it mean to find yourself”