Alexander Ivanovich Kuprin. Biography

Alexander Ivanovich Kuprin. Biography

The highest example of realistic art at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries was the work of Alexander Kuprin.

Alexander Ivanovich Kuprin is a well-known Russian prose writer who aspired to update the aesthetic principles of realism in his work. Kuprin, like Ivan Bunin, inherited the “ideological mood” of Anton Chekhov. The writer preferred strong and integral nature, finding the prototypes of such people among sailors, fishermen, vagabonds – people who grew up far from the “blessings” of civilization, and therefore retained the true notions of fidelity and honor. About these people stories and stories Kuprin “Olesya”, “White Poodle”, “Gambrinus”, “Listrigony.” The writer brought to Russian literature a huge charge of cheerfulness, optimism, resistance to despotism.

One of the best works of Alexander Kuprin is the story “Duel”, which recreates a realistic picture of the Russian officers of the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

But most of Kuprin’s works are related to the theme of love. The story of the writer “Garnet Bracelet” is original and bright. His protagonist – a typical “little man”, an official of Yoltkov – turns out to be capable of selfless and unselfish love, which he proved at the cost of his own life. Just like Bunin, Kuprin did not accept the power of the Bolsheviks and in 1919 emigrated to Paris, but, tormented by nostalgia, lack of money and an incurable disease, he returned to his homeland, where he soon died.

Alexander Kuprin, introducing new elements, developed realistic traditions of Russian literature.

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Alexander Ivanovich Kuprin. Biography