Biography of Georgiana Cavendish

Georgiana Cavendish is the Duchess of Devonshire, wife of William Cavendish, an activist.

Born Georgiana on June 7, 1757 in Althropa in the family of John Spencer. Biography Georgiana Cavendish is known as a beauty with a brilliant mind. Cavendish was an activist in political and literary circles. At a young age she married Duke William Cavendish. He gave birth to his son – William George Spencer Cavendish.

Georgiana actively expressed her political position expressing the opinion of the whole family. In addition, the Duchess of Devonshire had an exquisite taste, was one of the most prominent trendsetters in England in the 18th century.

Because of failures in family life in the biography of Georgiana Duchess Devonshirskaya showed a passion for alcohol, gambling. And at that time her husband, the Duke of Cavendish, attracted the attention of the public with a novel with Elizabeth Bess Foster, Georgiana’s girlfriend. The Duchess found peace in an affair with Charles Gray. I even gave birth to a daughter from Count Gray. Georgiana Cavendish died on March 30, 1806. Among her descendants are Diana Spencer, Duchess of York.

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Biography of Georgiana Cavendish