Biography of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is a physicist, inventor, engineer.

Nikola Tesla was born in the village of Smilyany in Austria-Hungary in the family of a priest. The first academic year of the school in the biography of Nikola Tesla was held in his native village, the remaining three – in Gospiche. Then Nicolas in 1870 graduated from the lower school and entered the Higher School. After the transfer of cholera Tesla did not serve in the army.

Carried away by electrical engineering, Nikolo Teslo devoted a few years to the study of current during his studies at the Technical School in Gracko. Then he did not teach for a long time at the Gospiche gymnasium, he began to study at Prague University. After the first semester began to work. First Tesla served in the telegraph company, then at the Edison Continental Company. All this time Nikola Tesla tried to create an electric motor of alternating current.

After moving to the US, Tesla began working for Thomas Edison. But after completing his work on improving Edison’s electric car, Nikola did not receive the promised money and resigned. After that, in the biography of Nicolas Tesla, there were several minor work-outs. And then he founded his company with the help of friends, together with a laboratory in New York. After the researcher settled in Colorado Springs, based there a small laboratory.

At the beginning of the 20th century Tesla received several patents, creating a frequency meter, an electric meter and many other inventions. 1915 brought in the biography of the physicist Nikola Tesla the nomination for the Nobel Prize.

From broken ribs after falling under the car, Nicola fell ill with pneumonia, died on January 7, 1943.

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Biography of Nikola Tesla