About friendship

Oh, friendship! Who does not know you, He does not know the red days.

N. Karamzin

The friendship has many wings, but it has one law – fidelity.

A. Makarenko

Friendship, friends – these words denote one of the most remarkable phenomena of our life. The famous philosopher F. Laroshfuko said that friendship is “the most beautiful gift made to people after wisdom.” The ability to be friends testifies to the high human qualities. To such qualities, as the outstanding teacher A. Makarenko rightly noted, is first of all loyalty. A true friend will never give up in trouble, will not betray. Not only will he never vilify you, but he will not allow others in his presence to tell you anything unjust and reprehensible. At the same time, a sincere friend will make the first remark if you do bad deeds, make mistakes that can become irreparable. A true friend will try to bring trouble, because “forever in the answer for everyone who has tamed.”


friends give us usually childhood and adolescence. And then friendship with them, as a reserve, all his life keeps the dreams of youth, high ideals, unselfish feelings. And comrades of youth become old faithful friends, ready to share the latter in a difficult moment, come to the rescue, share grief and joy. By the way, the latter, that is, the ability to rejoice over another, is also a property of spiritually rich people. And if you communicate with people who for many years have repeatedly demonstrated devotion, empathized, when trouble came, and rejoiced with you on holidays, it means that next to real friends.

This idea of ​​friendship arose not in itself and not in an empty place. It was formed as a result of observations of the relationships between my relatives and their friends. Grandmother says that in the first half of her life a great gift for her was the selfless love of her parents and pride in their high moral principles. The support and wealth in the second half of life were friends-like-minded people. Those of them who live in Kharkov, I know. These people are not only kind

and sympathetic. They have broad interests, they dream a lot, they love music, painting. Communication with them is the greatest luxury about which he wrote Exupery. And recently there was a meeting of my mother’s classmates. Thin little girls turned into solid ladies, gray hair appeared in the hair of the grown-up guys. Many children already study at universities or are going to do it. Not all people have a smooth life. There were bitter losses. But how they were all happy to meet, how warmly they remembered their student years!

Perhaps this is a real happiness – to meet in adulthood with friends of youth and repeat the words of the great poet:

My friends, our union is beautiful!
He, as a soul, is inseparable and eternal…

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About friendship