The sea laughed

The sea laughed

It is known that AM Gorky in his early works was fond of metaphorical style. Subsequently, he himself did not approve of lush imagery from other authors, remembering how he once wrote “the sea laughed”. Over the years, this phrase seemed unsuccessful to him…

And yet, peering into the sea distance, admiring the beauty of the vast, sometimes so eager to repeat the Gorky words…

The sea laughed. Under the breeze of a hot breeze it shuddered and, covered with a small ripple, dazzlingly brightly reflected the sun, smiled to the blue tent of the sky with thousands of silver smiles.

Around silence. Nowhere is there a soul. Surprisingly good! To stay here forever… Let them look, they call… And you lie on the sand, and you do not need anything; All the excitement, doubts, anxieties went away.

In the deep space, between the sea and the sky, there is a merry splash of waves running up one upon another, to the gentle shore of the sand spit. This sound and the brilliance of the sun, reflected a thousand times by the ripples of the sea, blends harmoniously into a continuous movement full of the living joy of being.

A narrow long braid, like a huge tower, fell from the shore into the sea. It pierces a sharp spike into the boundless desert of the sun-playing water and loses its base in the distance, obscure and vague.

A sand strip in the middle of the sea… It’s hard to imagine that people live on it, they work. Now you can not see anyone, only the dark mist obscures the earth.

I peer into the distance. Find the signs of life! Oh yes! In the sand of the spit, studded with fish scales, wooden stakes are stuck, on them seines are hung, throwing from themselves a web of shadows. And here are the bags, oars, baskets and barrels; they randomly wallow in the spit. Among them stands a hut, assembled from willow twigs, lubkov and matting.

Before entering it on a knotty stick sticking out the soles of the owner’s boots in the sky. But he is not at home, only the sun-dried fish reminds us that recently there were people.

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The sea laughed