“He killed my dog” composition

“He killed my dog” composition

But they call me Tabor. He stood on the threshold of the director’s office, and his hand was drawn to a large black briefcase in white cracks. The leather handle is torn off, keeps on one ear, and the briefcase reaches almost to the floor. Apart from the old, shabby portfolio, there was nothing remarkable about Taborca’s appearance. There is nothing to catch the eye. The headmaster looked at the boy and painfully tried to remember for what sins this regular visitor was called to him.

Broke a light bulb or drove into someone’s nose? Not on the tip of the chair, but as it should. And do not bite your nails. What’s your story? The boy stopped biting his nails, and his round eyes looked at the director. The director is long and thin. And the second half is free. Hands, too long and thin, lie on the table. When the director bends his arm at the elbow, it becomes like a large compass, which is drawn on a blackboard.

Taboranka looked at the director and asked: The boy stared at one point: There take snakes and goldfish. And they did not take the dog. What is she, more stupid than these snakes? He swallowed saliva and reproached him: “The headmaster leaned back in his chair and fumbled like a comb on dark thick hair.

Now the director remembered why he was invited to this troublemaker. And he only waited for the right time to bring his thunder to this round, long unshaved head. The boy again swallowed saliva and, not taking his eyes

off the cloak and brown hat, said: “She did not whine or scratch her paw behind her ear.

Nina Petrovna did not notice. And the guys forgot that I had a dog under my desk, and did not jump from laughing. But then she let a puddle. She stepped into a puddle and jumped like a stung.

Me and the dog. Then she told me to take a rag and wipe the puddle. And she stood in the far corner. She thought that the dog bites. The guys were buzzing and jumping. I took a rag, which is washed from the board, and wiped the puddle. Nina Petrovna started screaming that I was wiping with the kind of rag. And she told me and my dog ​​to get out. She did not kill my dog. Taborka still looked at one point, and from the side it seemed that he was telling not the director, but his cloak and hat. He was fifth at that day, and the director had no desire to continue the conversation.

Hour from hour is not easier! The director drew the chair to the table with a noise. He felt in this big chair as in a suit that is great. Probably, his predecessor – the old director – was fat, since he started such an armchair. Directors are also new. The boarding did not break out and did not get agitated. He spoke immediately, without a hitch: It’s not like dogs that live behind large fences and always grind their teeth.

Their black noses look from under the gate like double-barrels. And my dog ​​waved a tail. She was white, and she had two red triangles above her eyes. The boy spoke calmly, almost monotonously. Words, like round even balls, rolled one by one.

She played and grabbed her coat. But the woman rushed to the side, and her coat tore. She thought that my dog ​​bites, and screamed. I was taken to the police station, and the dog was running. The boy looked up at the director: the Headmaster was sitting on the tip of his chair and leaning heavily on the table. His eyes narrowed, as if he were aiming. They saw nothing but Tabuka. We stood at the wall and all waited for something. But the police did not kill the dog.

There alone, with a mustache, even stroked her and gave her sugar. It turns out that the dog is supposed to have a number and a muzzle. But when I found my dog, she did not have a number or a muzzle. She has nothing at all.

The hosts moved to the city and left the dog. She ran around the streets, looking for hosts. These words escaped the director, and he suddenly felt that after them he could no longer punch the table with his fist. The boy did not grasp at his words. And I came across.

I gave her my breakfast, and since then she has not departed from. The boy looked at the director confusedly. He finally released a heavy briefcase from his hand, and he plopped down hard on the floor. I just did not know. No one remembered her name. The dog must have the same name. Now Taborch looked at the copper ashtray, which stood on the edge of the table. The ashtray was clean and shiny. Probably the new director did not smoke.

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“He killed my dog” composition