How many words were said about love! This state of mind was sung also by Homer in his hymns, and Dante in the “Divine Comedy”.

The media play a very important role in our lives. They inform people about various events that occur or can occur. They also entertain people

The school is the only place from which everyone wants to leave faster, and then all their life they dream of returning. It would be

Initially, everyone has a conscience, but due to education, the influence of the environment and other external factors, some people stop hearing her voice or

Love is a vast concept. This feeling can be experienced to the Motherland, parents, friends, to the opposite sex. But parental love is the strongest,

During the Great Patriotic War, Fadeev did a great job in the Writers’ Union, often went to the front, edited the newspaper “Literature and Art.”

Unfortunate were the inhabitants of ancient Greece, who did not see this statue of Zeus in Olympia. The main decoration of the temple of Zeus

Winter is a wonderful time. From the sky, a soft, fluffy snow falls down in large flakes. All the streets are in snowdrifts. Houses, trees

Sometimes a person’s life is not enough for a man to ask himself what is the meaning of the life he lived, not particularly delving

Impersonation is the transfer of a person’s properties to inanimate objects and abstract concepts. To create imagery and expressiveness of speech, various artistic means are