Description of nature in the spring

And then came the spring. And with the advent of spring, all nature around is transformed. First, the days increase, and the temperature in the street gradually rises. When the sun shines, it is felt that it warms every day more and more. Rapidly warms, and all the snow, which did not have time to melt, begins to quickly melt and form large puddles. I wanted to write a composition on the weekend describing the spring.

Especially in spring it is beautiful to observe nature. After the melting of the snow, after a while green grass begins to appear, which grows faster every day. It happens that because of the daily worries and do not notice how her little sprouts turn into a thick green carpet, covering the ground.

A rapid manifestation of spring changes is observed everywhere. The most interesting is that on many trees the leaves begin to appear at different times. Some trees are already dressed in green outfits, the other kidneys have just begun to turn into small leaves.

The air in the spring becomes warmer and fresher every day. When you leave the house on the street, you can smell the spring. This is especially felt after a rain or a sharp warming. And if you become a burgeoning tree, you can enjoy the aroma of its flowering. Also, the smell of spring is well felt in parks, squares, fields, outside the city in forest plantations or in the forest.

Spring is one of the most favorite times of the year for many children and adults. It is during this period that people become more cheerful and active. Every year at school, they are asked to write an essay describing the spring.

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Description of nature in the spring