Modern science divides the Slavs into southern, western and eastern Slavs. Southern – these are the Bulgarians, Macedonians, Slovenes and Serbo-Croatians; Western – Poles, Czechs,

Tell me, did you ever care about the question: “What is true love”? What is this: feeling, action, emotion, or maybe an intelligent choice? Maybe

Born in Russia, you feel that she, like Motherland, loves her children as a mother. She gives them so much that no one has ever

Everyone listens to public opinion. Every day he watches TV, talks with classmates or colleagues, spends time on Internet resources. Around him is a society

Everyone knows that the unique beauty of the forests not only pleases the eye, but also saturates the planet with oxygen. The more green spaces

I like to listen to very diverse music, including pop, hip-pop, rap music, sometimes rock and also I like electronic music. I like listening to

Despite the fact that a large number of guidebooks are published every year in different languages ​​of the world, London is still one of the

Love – it seems to be an ordinary word, where only two vowels, three consonant letters and a non-melodic soft sign. Only six letters, and

I live in a big city, but in a small house, with a garden in the yard. True, in our garden there is only one

As a rule, a good speech is a sign that its author belongs to the elite type of speech culture. On the other hand, representatives

In our city, the sewing contest “Golden Needle” was announced. Terms of the contest were published in the newspaper, announced on the local television channel.