While reading a book. you will fly around our country and the whole globe, visit distant planets, make a journey into the past and the

All the mighty experience of mankind is based on the continuity of generations, and the strength of each people is to preserve traditions, respect for

Landscape poetry in the work of Fyodor Tyutchev has a special place. Being one of the founders of Russian Romanticism, the poet paid great attention

Mom! For sixteen years we have been walking along with you along the Earth. How quickly time flew by, how much we have seen and

Everyone has his own understanding of honesty. As for me, it’s a person who does not deceive himself first and then others. An honest person

Everyone from birth has natural rights. All of them are enshrined in the Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the international community. Surprisingly, people took

What is nobility is the problem raised by Tsetlin. This moral question, which caused controversy in past centuries, pushed hundreds of good and bad people

Work in our family is loved by everyone: mother, father, sister, and me. I will not talk about how Mom and Dad work in the

The Great Patriotic War, which was almost seventy-five years ago, left an imprint not only in the history of our country, but also in memory,

A deep night covered the ground with its black hat. Even the crickets were silent, not finishing their cheerful songs. It’s so quiet that you

Undoubtedly, this terrible war affected all families in our country. In each of them someone was lost. Not everyone succeeded in burying a loved one