I want to tell you not about my unforgettable day. This story I heard from my grandmother, who then studied in the second grade. But

Description of the theme: the city walking park in Brodsky’s painting “The Summer Garden in Autumn”. a warm autumn day, a gazebo, people walking in

The genus of indeclinable nouns can be determined semantically (meaning) or syntactically – the forms of the coordinated (coordinated) word. The masculine gender refers to

It’s fascinating to go camping. Every time something interesting happens, something unusual. Once we, classmates, together with the head of the tourist circle Oleg Borisovich

Joy or sadness awaits us later… But everything begins – the father’s house. There, at the cradle of our mother, we sang the Song of

To date, the problem of the culture of speech is very urgent and very urgent for modern society. The appearance in the Russian language of

There is a library in every school. And there is no schoolboy who would not cross her threshold. It is clear that here they come

My favorite writer is Kir Bulychev. This is not a real name, but a pseudonym. In fact, the writer’s name is Igor Vsevolodovich Mozheiko, but