One of Vasnetsov’s first paintings was a picture from the epic cycle “After the Battle of Igor Svyatoslavovich with the Polovtsians.” The reason for creating this work was the legend “The Lay of Igor’s Host”. I think in this picture the author wanted to praise the heroism of the soldiers of the army of Ancient Rus, to present the event with a sad and solemn ceremony. Here attention is accented not on the very battle of the soldiers, but on the monumentality of the feat in defense of their homeland. The picture can be conditionally divided into two elements. In the foreground are depicted RussianRead More →

In the autumn of 1870, walking in the woods with his friend, Vasily Perov saw an old man lying on the ground, who silently whistled into the pipe, luring a bird, and next to him a boy. In Russia, birds were often caught at this time, so that in the winter they delighted their ears with their singing of the rumor, and on the Annunciation the little ones were released. Returning home, Perov began writing “The Poultryman.” He remembered how, as a small boy, he also felt a thrill of perplexity, sitting in an ambush and waiting for, at last, a trusting ptaha would fallRead More →

Russian artist Viktor Vasnetsov wrote many pictures related to the Russian epic, fairy tales and bylinas, Russian history. But the picture of “Bogatyri”, of course, is the pinnacle of his work. This is a mature epic work, the creation of which the painter gave almost thirty years. It was completed in 1898. This picture is often called “Three heroes”, which, of course, reflects the essence of the picture: it depicts three Russian knights, strong, worthy, beautiful, reliable. These fairy-tale characters are well known to us in the folk Russian byliny. They are all dressed in military armor, each with a weapon. They carry a watchRead More →

Landscapes of the famous Russian artist N. P. Krymov are beautiful and diverse. Many of them are devoted to the depiction of winter nature. Apparently, the author found in her a special charm, magic and poetry. A number of such paintings include and written in 1919, the painting “Winter Evening.” Spectators see here a small Russian village of the beginning of the last century. The roofs of old wooden houses, the dome of the church, the surrounding hills and meadows – everything is covered with snow. The village seemed to be cut off from the rest of the world until the spring, like the bewitchedRead More →

Title The composition of the picture of Gauguin Where we came Who we are Where we are going When Paul Gauguin first came to Polynesia, all creative questions were decided, as if by themselves, the soul came in harmony with the world, and the working method was balanced with ideas. Therefore, the Tahitian paintings have found harmony incredible. The naive world, clean and simple, primitive, and fascinated Gauguin perfectly. And the green ocean. And the blue mountains. And juicy greens. And the inhabitants of this tropical paradise are as simple and clean as all around. And the paintings written in Polynesia resemble frescoes – pureRead More →

Painting Arkhip Kuindzhi “Moonlit Night on the Dnieper” was written in 1880 and immediately found a huge response from a wide audience. This picture was very small in size, in some strange way, attracted everyone’s attention, who looked at it. The painting depicts a night that plunges the whole neighborhood into darkness. And the moon, which looked out from behind the clouds, illuminates only the Dnieper River, which under its rays looks like a motley green ribbon, passing through the whole picture. The water seems to come from nowhere and flows far, far, merging together at the horizon with a dark night sky. The river’sRead More →

Many painters turned and addressed in their work to the theme of portraits. I think that this is quite difficult, because on the canvas with the help of a brush, paints and artistic means, it is necessary to maximally open the whole image, to bring it to the viewer with incredible accuracy. Valentin Serov, this task was a success. In the painting “Portrait of Princess Yusupova” we can admire a young woman sitting on a very beautiful, richly embroidered satin sofa with wooden inserts. The main heroine of the picture is Zinaida Nikolayevna Yusupova – from a very famous aristocratic family. Good taste and beautifulRead More →

“Still Life” is a French word, literally it means “dead nature”, but it is more true when they speak of such a genre as a “quiet life of things”, because in every such picture one can feel the presence of a person, and objects bear the warmth of him hands. Before starting to write a still-life, the artist carefully selects all the necessary and, according to his own taste, arranges, that is, arranges the composition. In the center of I. Khrutsky’s painting “Flowers and Fruits” – a high vase with flowers. Basket with peaches, pumpkin, pears, grapes balances a lush bouquet. The artist could shiftRead More →

Another master of the portrait and a Russian artist of Ukrainian origin is Borovikovsky Vladimir Lukich. His pen belongs to a lot of portraits, but our attention was riveted to a portrait of Catherine Nikolayevna Arsenyeva. It was written in 1796. The author’s great talent was not only his ability to accurately convey facial features, but also to show the character of a person on canvas. Looking at the portrait of E. N. Arsenyeva, we see a young woman, about twenty-five years old. Her expression indicates a good mood. She is happy with herself and with her life. She is very confident and proud. TheRead More →

Cleanliness, freshness, life affirmation in nature and in the soul of the artist – the feelings conveyed by the painting “After the Rain” by AM Gerasimov. Contemplation of this canvas can not but create in our soul a feeling of invigorating novelty, because the rain-washed habitual world around us invariably makes us look at everyday things in a new way, and this new look not only brings a surprising discovery in everyday life, but also in the soul of a person. Mastery and accuracy in the transfer of the state of nature and man – the main thing that attracts us in this picture. TheRead More →

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