Mikhail Nesterov wrote in 1940 in the preface to his memoirs: “I avoided portraying strong passions, preferring to our quiet landscape, a person living in inner life, and in my portraits written in recent years, I was attracted to those people whose path was a reflection of thoughts, feelings, their deeds. “ Throughout his life Nesterov was familiar and close to many prominent creators of Russian culture – writers, artists, scientists and artists. With great excitement, as if re-experiencing the past, he writes in his book “Long Days” about his meetings and conversations with L. Tolstoy. M. Gorky, V. Surikov. I. Kramskiy. I. Levitan. P.Read More →

In the works of Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky a special place was occupied by the theme of the sea. He never concealed his love for the sea landscape. And his inspiration was inexhaustible, and today we have the opportunity to admire many of his paintings dedicated to the sea. Cloth “Among the waves” is written in 1898, when the artist was already over 80 years. However, it is considered the apogee of Aivazovsky’s work. “Among the waves” can be considered a continuation of the plot, started in the film “Black Sea”. However, on the canvas is no longer just a raging sea, but a real elementRead More →

About guerrilla warfare, it is often only in books and movies you can find out more information. But it is still very difficult to imagine how all the people were united in the fight against the common enemy, that he left the house and went into obviously unfavorable conditions of life, into the forests. Where often there was no possibility to eat properly, to observe hygiene, and even to have a rest. What for? To the army of the enemy was defeated and the native land soon freed. The picture of the great painter Vereshchagin “Do not zamay – let him come!”, Just shows theRead More →

In the picture we can see an old wooden house. He’s already pretty shabby, as he has seen many things in his time. It is made of dark wood, which gives it coziness. On snow-white snow, the sun rays play in different colors. Around the house a dark wall of trees rise, in the rays of the ascending, their silhouettes seem especially bizarre. The artist tried to convey the atmosphere of a frosty winter morning. And I think he did it. This picture causes me a lot of pleasant emotions. Konstantin Miroshnik and Natalia Kurguzova-Miroshnik are unusual painters, they write all their pictures together. TogetherRead More →

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin is an academician, professor, painter, landscape painter and this is not all his merits. One of his earliest works is the painting “A View on the Island of Valaam”. It was written in 1858 and simply plunged contemporaries into ecstasy. Thanks to this canvas, the Petersburg Academy of Arts awarded the author with a small gold medal. Ivan Shishkin uneasy draws the nature of the island, he transfers a whole part of his life to the canvas. The beauty of an innocent nature, unaffected by man. Large stone rocks, sprouting trees from under the stones, a quiet current of water and aRead More →

This portrait was painted by the famous Russian painter Ilya Repin, in a new, more realistic style. Life is presented as it really is, without unnecessary details and ornaments. There is an opinion that the heroine of this portrait is the sister-in-law of the great artist. In the middle of the canvas depicts a young girl with long hair, in a strict, unobtrusive look of black furniture. The only detail that focuses attention is the white collar, it adds a picture of light. The girl is very modest, there are no decorations at all, the only accessory is an unremarkable, round brooch or button, whichRead More →

About Oleg Pavlovich Marushkin (1938) could not find much information. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leningrad (Petersburg), from which came out a lot of outstanding artists. He created sketches of the “Feast on the Neva” painting for the banquet hall of the Nevskaya Hotel in Leningrad. Painting “Strigunok” – apparently, the most famous work of the artist. It shows a foal and a boy who gives him a treat. Their figures, written close-up, occupy the center of the canvas. The word “strigunok” means both a teenager and a one-year-old foal, to whom a mane was cut. In the picture of Marushkin,Read More →

Autumn is a favorite of many of us at times. We so like golden trees, which shimmer with all sorts of warm colors. But, autumn is not always so beautiful and fabulous. There comes a time when all the foliage is falling and the trees are exposed. On the street, dampness and slush after frequent, and maybe even rainy. I do not think many fall like this autumn. Therefore, in order to depict the greatness and such an inclement element, real talent is needed. It was such a skill possessed by a great artist – II Levitan. On his canvas “Autumn: The Road in theRead More →

Among all the portraits of Repin, a special place is occupied by the porters of his family members. And it is justified by the fact that in such portraits the painter experiments most of all, since he writes them as if “for himself.” One of the most famous portraits from the series of portraits of the family is the picture “Dragonfly”, which the artist wrote on his own summer residence near St. Petersburg back in 1884. In this portrait, the painter depicted his eldest daughter Vera Repin. The composition of this picture is quite simple and straightforward. We see a girl, who cheerfully and carelesslyRead More →

In 1885, Kramskoy takes care of Repin, defends his “Ivan the Terrible,” which reminded the Russians of the fate of the heroes of the Narodnaya Volya. And in the same year he painted a portrait of Vladimir Solovyov, who bravely opposed the death penalty of the First Martovites. The philosopher and poet Vladimir Sergeevich Soloviev is the son of a famous historian. March 28, 1881, Vladimir Soloviev read a public lecture, in which he urged to pardon the murderers of Alexander II. For this he was permanently suspended from teaching. The portrait of Solovyov is unusually beautiful. An elegant figure in a dark against theRead More →

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