Painting by Venetsianov “In the Harvest, Summer”

In this picture AG Venetsianov portrayed peasant labor on a hot day. The canvas gives the viewer some kind of peace and tranquility. It is these feelings that arise in a person on a hot and sultry day, when there is no wind, and nature seems to have frozen in anticipation of a cool night. Despite the unbearable heat, the peasants have to work in the field, because the rye is ready for harvesting, otherwise, if you do not remove it in time, you can remain without harvest.

The earth is heated by the sun’s rays, and in the sky quietly, nowhere in a hurry, white clouds float. One of the peasant women sat down to rest and feed the child. The kid had no one to leave and so had to take with him to the field even in such heat. The baby was hungry, and his mother took him in his arms to feed.

When looking at the picture, first of all, this peasant woman in a red sarafan rushes into the eyes. The color of the clothes highlights it against the background of golden rye. Only then do you notice that next to her and in the field there are still peasants. They work tirelessly to harvest the harvest in time.

The artist portrayed human labor in unity with nature. On a hot midday it’s hard to do anything, and the peasants have to work, despite the unbearable heat. Even there is no wind, as if nature checks peasants for endurance and fortitude of spirit. At the audience this picture evokes peace and tranquility.

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Painting by Venetsianov “In the Harvest, Summer”