Composition-reasoning about the importance of preserving nature

I’m scared to imagine that the serene happiness of human communication with nature is in danger. Even more frightening is the thought that a person often becomes a threat to nature. After all, a lot of damage starts with a small one.

Nature is the beauty of our Earth. It gives us food, oxygen, and forests – wood. Nature should be protected, but we destroy it on the contrary.

First, people for a year cut down more than two million trees, and to grow one tree, you need to wait from twenty to fifty years.

Secondly, we often breed bonfires. Because of this, fires often occur.... Millions of plants die. Thirdly, during a fire, animals have to leave. Then people invest millions of dollars in funds to protect forests and restore flora and fauna.

Fourth, over the past decades, during the development of oil and gas fields, forests and animals have been irretrievably destroyed.

We are the masters of our nature, and she is the pantry of the sun with all her treasures. And we must keep it. After all, destroying one link, we destroy the whole chain. So let’s not build bonfires in the forests, we will not kill animals, break branches of trees and pollute rivers and lakes!

Composition-reasoning about the importance of preserving nature