Composition on the picture of Ge “Leyla and Hadji Abrek”

He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts for seven years. All his student works show that the years have not passed for the artist for nothing. In addition to creating the Old Testament stories, he stood out as a portraitist.

Especially good were his works, written on motives of literary works and connected with mythological subjects.

The first of the successful works was the painting “Leila and Hadji Abrek”, written on the plot of Lermontov’s poem “Haji abrek”. Here the compositional and coloristic talent of the young painter has already appeared.

The main motive...

of the poem is the abduction of a woman and blood feud. The hero avenges prince Bay-Bulat for killing his brother, killing his beloved.

The main character of the poem is abrek. This is an “outcast, expelled from family and clan.” Abrek was primarily a murderer, from whom the family refused. According to Circassian customs, the murderer in such a situation had to leave his kind in the mountains and other places and hide here, leading the life of the homeless and an innocent vagrant-abrek. ” This is the image of Haji Abrek.

Composition on the picture of Ge “Leyla and Hadji Abrek”