Painting Savrasov “Pechora Monastery near Nizhny Novgorod”

An ordinary village on the banks of a mighty river. A grove of birch trees, a sideways fence. And in the distance the monastery is white. It would seem that the everyday picture, what she so attracted the artist, that he decided to transfer it to the canvas? What did I like about the work of the great painter?

A simple and familiar landscape for a Russian person. Its main beauty is the cute birch trees, that the slender stripe occupy the foreground on the right. Behind them, as if shyly hiding from other people’s views, there is a village. Little houses are small, they can easily be counted, but they are all wrapped in a fluffy blanket from low curly trees. A sign of the modesty of the village is the fence that many years ago leaned from mismanagement and poverty. And this monastery crowns this image of the usual Russian terrain, as a sign of faith, living in every world.

Despite the great distance to the monastery, all the details, all the subtleties, are visible.

Monastery, like a white city, stands out for its luxurious buildings. At the same time it takes up so much space that it’s on it. place could easily fit the whole village. His domes go straight to the sky, merging with him. Indeed, a grandiose structure worthy of the pen of such a great painter as Savrasov.

Everything was asleep, asleep. And only on the river life is boiling, here and gulls, and ships, and fishermen. And from the Volga itself, as well as from the sky above it, there is an unusual breadth, a widowhood. The tones used here speak of a force hiding in nature. Above the monastery, the clouds as specifically divergent, so that the viewer could view it. But there is no hint of the sun on the river. Why is the impression of the power of nature, its greatness over man.

I was especially impressed by this contrast of nature and that created by people. Vegetation, the river and the sky cover all free space, diverge and attract the eye, leaving only positive emotions. In contrast, the structure, as if imprisoned in some kind of framework. And expand only through the game of solar lighting. A wonderful idea master.

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Painting Savrasov “Pechora Monastery near Nizhny Novgorod”