Biography of Frank Baum

Biography of Frank Baum

Frank Baum – American journalist, playwright, author of children’s stories, was born in Chittenango, New York.

Frank together with his family moved to South Dakota in 1888, where he began working in the newspaper. Then in 1891 the family moved to Chicago, Frank Baum and there began to work as a journalist.

His first book for children – “Stories of Mother Goose in prose.” It was followed by the book “The Goose’s Father: His Book,” which quickly became a bestseller.

In 1900 the most famous book by Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz, was published, a story about a little girl, tornado torn to the magic land of Oz. The dramatization of the book by Frank Baum was performed in 1902, using this story in 1938 was shot an extremely popular film.

Although Frank Baum has written more than 70 children’s books, his fame is based mainly on the book about the wizard and other 13 stories about the country of Oz, including “Ozma from Oz” and “Scarecrow from Oz,” all of which emphasize American Virtues, as practicality, independence, tolerance and egalitarianism.

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Biography of Frank Baum