Mark Zuckerberg’s biography

Mark Zuckerberg’s biography

Mark Zuckerberg – one of the founders of the social networking site “Facebook” – is the CEO of the company, as well as one of the world’s youngest billionaires.

Early years

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984 in White Plains, New York, in a prosperous and educated family. His father, Edward Zuckerberg, had a dental office right in his own house. Mother, Karen, before the birth of four children engaged in psychiatric practice.

The boy from the early childhood was carried away by computers.

In an effort to develop the interest, parents hire a tutor’s son, who, however, hardly keeps up with the young miracle.

Years in Harvard

In 2002, Zuckerberg entered Harvard University. By the second year of training

at the “Ivy League” educational institution, the boy is gaining a reputation as the best software developer of the university. He comes up with the “Facemash” program, which compares photos of two students and allows users to vote for the one that they liked more. The program is a huge success, but later it is closed by the administration of the school, which found it unethical.

After that, three of Mark’s classmates, who heard about the successes of his previous projects, offer him to help create a social networking site called “Harvard Connection”. The boy gives his consent, but soon leaves the project, engaged in the development of his own site.

By joining forces with friends, Zuckerberg creates a social network, originally called “The Facebook”, which gives users the ability to create profiles, upload photos and communicate with each other. After finishing the second year, Mark abandons his studies, devoting himself entirely to the site, and translates the company in Palo Alto, California. By the end of 2004 the social network “Facebook” has already 1 million users.

Take-off “Facebook”

In 2005, the venture company Accel Partners invests in a network, which at that time was open only to students of the Ivy League educational

institutions, $ 12.7 million. Zuckerberg’s company provides access to other colleges, higher and international schools, and by the end of 2005 the number of subscribers exceeds the mark of 5.5 million.

In 2006, the creators of “Harvard Connection” claim that Zuckerberg stole the idea from them, and they demand compensation for damage.

Initially, the parties come to an agreement on reimbursement of $ 65 million US dollars, but the judicial debate on the case will continue until 2011.

In 2009, fate throws Zuckerberg another challenge when the book “Billionaire willy-nilly”, Ben Mezrich, breaks sales records. The author manages to sell rights to script writer Aaron Sorkin, and the critically acclaimed film “Social Network” receives eight awards from the American Film Academy.

Zuckerberg veracity of the shown history refutes, referring to a lot of inaccuracies in the film.

But, despite all the criticism, Zuckerberg and “Facebook” continue to thrive. In 2010, the magazine “Times” calls Mark “the man of the year.” In the same year, “Forbes” places it on the 35th line of the “List of 400”, estimating the network at 6.9 billion US dollars.

Humanitarian activities

Having accumulated an impressive fortune, Zuckerberg lets millions into various charitable events. In December 2010, Mark signed the “Oath of the Gift”, pledging to give half of his wealth to good deeds throughout his life.

Issue of shares

In May 2012, two important changes take place in the life of Zuckerberg: “Facebook” produces the initial release of shares on the free market, while receiving 16 billion US dollars, which makes the company the largest joint-stock Internet project in history.

May 19, 2012 – the day after the placement of shares – Zuckerberg marries Priscilla Chan, whom he met for many years. Guests who came to celebrate the release of Chan from the medical school, were surprised to find that they were at the wedding ceremony of Mark and Priscilla.

In May 2013, “Facebook” first enters the “List 500” magazine “Fortune” – and Zuckerberg, at the age of 28, becomes the youngest general manager on the list.


Now people are getting richer from the success of their companies at a much earlier age, and so many have a great opportunity to start earlier and have time to see the fruits of their good deeds.

Understanding people is not a waste of time.

Our mission is to make the world more open and united. We do this by giving people the opportunity to share everything they want, and be in touch with those they want, no matter where they are.

“Facebook” today is not just a set of information, it’s a community of people using our network to communicate and exchange information. And they will do it until they trust us.

The center of the world is not computer applications. These are people.

The true story of “Facebook” is that all this time we worked hard. I mean, that the truth, most likely, would seem to all simply boring. In the sense that for six years we just did that we sat at the computer and wrote programs.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s biography