Biography of Boris Godunov

Boris Fedorovich Godunov – the king of Russia from 1598 to 1605, boyar.

Boris Godunov was born in Vyazma in 1552. He married, in 1580 became a boyar, gradually took an important position among the nobility. After the death of Ivan the Terrible in 1584 together with Belsky announced the death of the sovereign to the people. When Fedor Ivanovich became the new tsar, Boris Godunov’s biography occupied an important role in the council. Since 1587, he was the de facto ruler, since King Fedor himself could not rule the country. Thanks to Godunov’s activity, the first patriarch was elected, a water pipe was built in Moscow, active construction began, and serfdom was established.

After the death of Dmitry’s heir and Tsar Feodor, the dynasty of Rurik’s rulers was cut off. And on February 17, 1598, a very important event took place in the biography of Boris Godunov. At the Zemsky Sobor he was elected tsar. However, the terrible famine and crisis in the country in 1601-1602 shook the popularity of the king. Soon riots broke out among the people.

Then, if we consider a brief biography of Godunov, followed by the breakdown of a small army Falsdmitry. Godunov’s health gradually worsened, and on April 23, 1605, the tsar died.

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Biography of Boris Godunov