Biography of Billy King

Billie Jean King – tennis player, was born on November 22 in the city of Long Beach, California. Most known as tennis champion. At birth, in the biography of Billy Jean King, the name of Billy Jean Moffith was obtained.

Almost two decades Billy Jean King was in the lead in women’s tennis. In 1984 she left professional games. The first Wimbledon title was won by the sportswoman in 1962, defeating the top-ranking Margaret Smith. In total, King won 20 titles of Wimbledon, 6 of them singles. In 1973, the athlete won...

against Bobby Riggs, who had previously declared that no woman could defeat him. The year before, Riggs won the competition with Margaret Court.

So famous in the biography of Billy Jean King performance was called “Battle of the sexes.” When the tennis player defeated such self-confident Bobby Riggs, she became an icon of feminists. After retiring from the sport, King worked as a trainer, television commentator, and also engaged in business.

Additional information: In 1981, Marilyn Barnett filed a lawsuit against Billy Jean King. After this incident, their love relations were publicly publicized.

Biography of Billy King