Biography of Elena Busina

Elena Bushina is a participant of the reality show “Dom-2”, one of the soloists of the group “Istra witches”, consisting of the participants of the project.

Elena was born on July 18, 1986 in Yekaterinburg. Her family is quite well-off, Elena’s mother works in the government of Yekaterinburg, and her father works in the construction business. The higher education in his biography of Bushin was legal. Specialized in banking law. But the institute did not finish, leaving the studies. In the future, in her biography, Elena Bushina plans to study for a psychologist.

October 19, 2007 first came to the project “Dom-2”, and stayed there for a long time. Despite the fact that Elena came to Steppe Menshchikov, she managed to build a relationship with another young man. For Lena Busina in the biography of that period was the only significant man – Semyon Frolov. For a long time the pair met, but later it disintegrated. On December 11, 2008, Semyon left the project. Since then, in the “House-2” Elena seriously no one met. But she became famous for her character – slightly selfish, bitchy, capricious, stubborn.

Later in her biography Elena Bushina met a new love, but beyond the show. Her young man does not want to take part in the “House-2”. But the couple’s relationship is serious, in the near future a wedding is expected.

Also biography of Elena Busina from “Doma2” is glorified thanks to the group “Istra witches”. The group also includes other participants of the project – Sasha Kharitonova, Natalia Varvina. Search choreographers, songs, organize concerts – the task of the producer of the band Alessandro Materazzo. Administrator Sasha Kharitonova was recently appointed.

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Biography of Elena Busina