Biography of Jim Boughton

Jim Boughton is a baseball player and writer.

Born March 8, 1939 in Newark, New Jersey. Best known as the author of the work “Ball Four”. In the biography of Jim Bouton, several years were devoted to the New York Yankees team, where he was a pitcher from 1962 to 1968. In 1969, he began to play for the Seattle Pilots.

The work of Jim “Ball Four” was published in 1970. The book described the team from the inside, the violent life of professional players in baseball. The work was very sensational, and Bouton himself was heavily criticized by the baseball leader Bowie Kuhn. In 1978, Bouton begins to play for Atlanta Braves. He also writes books and scripts, appears in the cinema, on television. Bowton promoted the development of the brand “Big League Chew” – chewing gum, similar to chewing tobacco. In 1998, Bowton was invited to play in the “Old Timers Game” – a professional long-standing basketball competition.

Additional information: Jim Bouton starred in the movie “The Long Goodbye” in 1973, an updated version of the novel by Raymond Chandler.

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Biography of Jim Boughton