Biography of Victor Dragunsky

Dragunsky Victor Yuzefovich – writer-novelist, poet, classic of Soviet literature, author of the famous children’s cycle “Deniskiny stories.”


Victor Yuzefovich Dragunsky was born on December 1, 1913 in New York. The parents of the future writer were Belarusian emigrants. The life of the Dragoon family in America did not work out, so in 1914 they returned to Belarus in Gomel. Here, Victor Yuzefovich’s childhood has passed. In 1918, in a brief biography of Dragoons, a tragedy occurred – his father died of typhus.

In 1925 the boy with his mother and stepfather moved to Moscow.

The beginning of creative activity

The family of Victor Yuzefovich was in a difficult financial situation, so he had to go to work early. Since 1930, Dragunsky began to visit the “Literary and Theater Workshops” A. Wild. In 1935 he was accepted into the troupe of the Transport Theater. Later, Dragoon worked in the circus,

for some time he played at the Satire Theater.

In addition to the theater, Victor Yuzefovich attracted literary activity, he wrote humoresks, interludes, feuilletons, sketches, circus clowns, etc. In 1940, the works of Dragoon first appeared in print.

In 1945, Viktor Yuzefovich invited to work in the theater-studio actor. In 1947, Dragunsky, whose biography was not a film starring in the film, starred in the film “The Russian Question” directed by M. Romm.

“The Blue Bird”

In the theater, the roles were mainly distributed among the eminent actors, so Dragunsky, as a young artist, could not count on constant employment in the productions. In 1948 Viktor Yuzefovich creates a parody “theater in the theater”, calling it “Blue Bird”. Soon the company was joined by L. Davidovich, J. Kostyukovsky, V. Dykhovichny, M. Gluzsky, M. Slobodskaya, L. Sukharevskaya, R. Bykov, V. Bakhnov, E. Morgunov and others. For some productions, Dragunsky wrote lyrics.

Theater “Blue Bird” became known in Moscow. The troupe was invited several times

with performances in the House of Actor. In 1958 the theater ceased its activity.

Mature Literary Creativity

In 1959, the first published works of the writer Dragunsky for children from the series “Deniskiny stories.” They brought the author great popularity. Many of the stories were filmed.

In 1960, a collection of humorous prose writer “Iron Character” was published. In 1961 the military novel “He fell on the grass” was published, in 1964 – the story “Today and Daily” about circus life.

May 6, 1972 Viktor Yuzefovich Dragunsky died in Moscow. The writer was buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery.

Interesting Facts
    Mother Dragoon twice married. The second husband, M. Rubin, was an actor in the vaudeville theater. Together with him, the family went on tour around the country, and then moved to Moscow. During the Great Patriotic War, Dragoon was in the militia, spoke with the front concert brigades. The prototype of the main character of “Deniskin stories” was the son of the writer Denis. Together with L. Davidovich Dragunsky wrote such famous songs as “Teplokhod”, “Three Waltzes”, “Berezonka”, “Miracle Song”, “Star of My Fields”. In the school, works of Dragoon are studied in primary classes.

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Biography of Victor Dragunsky