Biography of Armin van Bureen

Armin van Bureen – DJ, composer, producer, was born in the Netherlands.

The fascination with music, including electronic music, in the biography of Armin van Buuren was manifested in childhood. Over time, this passion flared up even more. So, at the age of 14, with the help of a synthesizer and a sampler, the first music of Armin van Buuren was written.

Then Armin, being a fan of Ben Librand, sent one of his tracks to Ben. Music Librand liked, and Armine this gave an opportunity to get to know more closely the peculiarity of DJing, producing activities.

The first club in which DJ Armin van Buuren started performing was Nexus. In 1995, Armin began to study law at the University of Leiden. In parallel with studying I recorded tracks.

The first collection of Armin van Buuren was released in 1999....

Since then, 19 more of his collections have been published, the last one is “A State of Trance 2008 Year Mix” in 2008. Armin van Buuren also tried his hand at the role of presenter – Armin conducts the radio show “A State of Tranc”.

The first album Armin van Buuren was released in 2003, then appeared “Shivers”, “10 Years”, “Imagine”. Despite the fact that Armin van Buuren looks young in the photo, he managed to achieve a lot. So in 2006, Armin took the second place in the ranking of DJs in the world. In the same year he received the title of the best DJ, resident, as well as the best composer of remixes at the Trance Awards. In 2007, in his biography Armin van Buuren took first place in the ranking of DJs on the planet.

Biography of Armin van Bureen