Biography of Anita Tsoi

Biography of Anita Tsoi

Anita Tsoi is a Russian singer, a Korean by birth, was born on February 7, 1971.

In childhood, adolescence, she led an active social life, studied in a specialized school, was a pioneer, a member of the Komsomol. In the biography of Choi Anita was then the desire to test himself in everything. She studied violin, painting, ballroom dancing, was fond of horse riding. After the partner in ballroom dancing grew up, and there was not a suitable new candidate, Anita left this occupation.

Then she received a law degree at Moscow State University. At meetings in the Korean Association of Moscow met with Sergei Tsoi, who soon married, gave birth to a child.

Wishing to write down his disk, Anita wanted to earn enough money, first she was selling small goods, then she became one of the founders of the network of cafes, the founders of the TV company “Meteo TV”. The history of recording the long-awaited disc was heavy. After the first failure at the studio “Soyuz”, she was offered a proposal later. Having agreed the issue with her husband, who did not particularly strive for the development of Anita’s musical career, the album was released in a small print run.

After that, in the biography of Anita Tsoy the Academy of Theater Arts was finished. She released such solo albums: “Flight”, “Black Swan”, “I’ll remember you”, “1000000 minutes”, “To the East”. Also Anita is a member of the jury at the festival “Slavic Bazaar.”

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Biography of Anita Tsoi