Biography of Jan Fleming

Ian Lancaster Fleming is a journalist, a writer who created a series of books about James Bond.

Born Jan Lancaster May 28, 1908 in London. Yan’s father was a politician, a member of parliament. The first education in his biography Ian Fleming received at Eaton College. After that, he continued his studies, enrolled in the military academy. Up to this point I was fond of literature, and after graduating from the Academy I began to work as a journalist in a news agency. In this position he worked from 1931 to 1933. Left journalism after a trip to Moscow, where he was supposed to cover the process in the case of the accused of espionage by the British.

But I could not live long without any occupation, journalism. So, in 1939 Lancaster again went to work. On the eve of the war I began to serve in the naval forces. And during the Second World War in the biography of Ian Fleming held a service in intelligence.

The first book of Fleming about James Bond was published in 1953. This book was followed by another 13, two of which were collections of short stories. Among other famous works of Fleming: “Diamonds are eternal,” “Doctor No,” “From Russia with love.” The last book was published in 1966 – “Octopus and sparks from the eyes.”

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Biography of Jan Fleming