Guy de Maupassant. Biography

Guy de Maupassant. Biography

Guy de Maupassant is a French writer, author of classical novels and short stories, in which the principles of realism are intertwined with the naturalistic and impressionistic tendencies prevalent in the literature of the turn of the 19th-20th centuries. The work of G. de Maupassant enriched the literature of the nineteenth century. diverse human types, vivid descriptions of life and nature, refined psychology.

The life of G. de Maupassant in dates and facts

August 5, 1850 – was born in Normandy in an old noble family. The pictures of the native land, its manners and spirit were subsequently recreated many times on the pages of Maupassant’s works. After graduation, the future writer entered the University of Cahn in Normandy.

In 1870, Maupassant was forced

to interrupt his studies in connection with the beginning of the Franco-Prussian War, from the first days of which he was drafted into the active army. For two years of soldier’s life, the writer has learned the hardships of military everyday life, the impudent arbitrariness of the occupiers, the bitterness of defeats. Military impressions were reflected in his numerous novels about the Franco-Prussian war.

In 1872, after demobilization, he moved to Paris, where, because of a lack of funds for continuing education, he had to get a job at the Ministry of the Ministry of the Interior, which later was replaced by the Ministry of Education. Free hours Maupassant for the most part gave the literary creativity, which during these years was engaged under the guidance of G. Flaubert – a friend of his mother and uncle. On the advice of Flaubert, who believed that it was not worth starting a writer’s way with a weak debut, he was almost unpublished for ten years.

In 1880, in the collection Medan’s Evenings, compiled from the stories of various writers, G. de Maupassant’s short story “Pyshka” was printed, which brought the writer wide popularity. Over the next decade, which, in fact, and limited full-fledged creative life Maupassant, he was created 260 novellas, 3 travel books, a number of literary-critical articles and essays, as well as 6 novels: “Life”, “Dear Friend”, “Mont – Oriole “,” Pierre and Jean “,” Strong as death “,” Our heart “.

In the early 1890’s. a severe mental illness caused at first a sharp decline, and then a complete halt to the literary activity of the writer.

July 6, 1893 – died in a psychiatric hospital.

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Guy de Maupassant. Biography