Evening in the courtyard of our house

Evening in the courtyard of our house

Evenings in our house on weekdays and weekends are not much different from each other. In the warm season, the boys play football on the sports ground, which is equipped in the middle of the yard. Kids spend time on a swing, in a sandbox. Benches at entrances – a traditional place of rest for women of advanced age.

But there is a treasured place in the yard that collects inveterate dominoes. The table was constructed by lovers themselves to play dominoes. Its surface is so polished with dominoes that it seems mirror. Until late at night, especially in summer, the courtyard is filled with a knocking of dominoes and exclamations from fans and players. A rare game of dominoes takes place without the participation of my grandfather. In the yard he always goes with his dominoes.

He bought it a very long time, and, as he claims, it brings him good luck in the game.

Once I decided to make a surprise to my grandfather. I bought a new domino, and to make it really a surprise, I put new records in the box from the old dominoes. Unsuspecting grandfather, as usual, went to play, taking with him a box. I followed him to see how grandfather would be pleased with my gift.

Here the players settled in their usual places. Grandfather opens the box, the domino falls to the table with a knock and – silence reigns, unusual for this moment. “Have you bought a new domino, Filippovich?” – One of the players was surprised. No less surprised and even confused was the grandfather himself. He did not understand where the dominoes, which he considered his talisman, were.

Grandfather silently put the plates in a box, got up and went home. I followed him. I tried to explain that it was my surprise that I wanted the best way to make my grandfather pleasant. But this evening he was darker than the clouds. I brought him an old domino. Nevertheless, to play this evening my grandfather did not come out. I thought he would be angry with me for a long time. But what was the surprise of the whole family, when next time he went to play, taking with him my gift.

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Evening in the courtyard of our house