Writing my dream of becoming a doctor

Writing my dream of becoming a doctor

How often I remember, I always dreamed of becoming a doctor. And for today I have firmly determined that I will become one. I believe that a doctor is the most necessary and noble profession, doctors are angels on earth. I am ready with great dedication to help people cope with their illnesses, illnesses, and also to save their lives.

I am ready to show sensitivity and humanity towards people, I will be struggling to improve on the path that I have chosen.

My inspirers are world doctors, who work daily for the benefit of people. And it gives me a push every day to learn and develop, never sit still, but move only forward.

Medical care is the most necessary occupation on the planet. People from ancient times began to study medicine. The human body remained, has not been

studied to the end. Maybe a person can live two hundred years and keep working, and maybe he can introduce a gene that will deprive him of absolutely any diseases.

I’m very interested in medicine and the human body. My dream is to become a doctor and study all the possibilities of the body. I want to help people. I want to prolong the life of my relatives. The difficulties of the profession do not scare me, and good assessments in biology will allow me to become the best doctor in the world.

Becoming a doctor is not just a diagnosis. It is not easy to prescribe effective medication. To be a doctor is to treat with talk, help, patients feel strong and convalescent.

My dream is to become just such a doctor, a doctor who will not be afraid, a doctor who will help people. Any illness is difficult to bear, but it is easier when you know that you are treated by the best doctor.
I know that medicine requires great knowledge and a lot of time and energy. I know that I will have a lot of time to study biology, pharmaceutics, the structure of the body, medicines. I have a lot of practice. It will be a difficult time, but I know that I will succeed and I will be able to become an excellent specialist.

Our life is very fleeting, the body grows old and loses its strength, something at a certain age becomes

irrelevant. Therefore, I want to learn to stop time and prolong human life. I want to invent a cure for many incurable diseases, I want to help, people become happy. And people can become happy only when they are healthy.

I know that now the profession of a doctor is very in demand, but I also know that in our country doctors are specialists who receive a small salary, and they have to work all day long. The doctor does not have weekends and holidays. The doctor is always on call and should always help his patients. I understand it and I want to render such help to people. And if I study well and become a competent doctor, then I will not have problems with the financial part of life.

I understand the whole responsibility of this profession and I want to develop in this direction. I hope that everything will work out and my efforts will be appreciated. And the benefits of my profession will be enormous.

There are a sufficient number of professions that are popular and in demand. Many are attracted by the financial benefits that promise a large salary. In my opinion, there is no more worthy occupation for a modern person than treating people.

At all times, the profession of the doctor allowed a person to fully realize his concern for others. In this work, not only the final result is attractive: the patient’s complete recovery and the removal of his suffering. The very communication with different people, the analysis of their problems, which led to the appearance of an unpleasant pathology, will provide a lot of not only professional, but personal experience. Ability to find a common language with representatives of different layers of society, the application of their knowledge in practical terms make the profession of the doctor the most interesting of all existing.

Doctors need always

During economic and political crises, an intelligent medical worker will always have his legal piece of bread, because the “golden hands” and “light head” of the doctor will always be in demand. After all, people are ill all year round, so the doctor has no prospect of remaining unemployed.

Continuous improvement

The activity in the field of medicine provides for constant improvement of the level of professional qualification. In this work, you can not “rest on your laurels.” All kinds of attestations and scientific work will preserve the flexibility of the mind to a very old age, adopting advanced methods of treating patients.

Famous Doctors

At different times, doctors were thinker Nikolai Copernicus, foreteller Nostradamus, great Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov, singer Alexander Rosenbaum, satirist Grigory Gorin, TV host Yana Rudkovsky and many other famous personalities. Probably, this profession has such an impact on a person that with creative talent can not remain within the narrow framework of medicine.

Give health

To give a person health is very honorable. Good doctors are recognizable and respected in society. It is enough to be an ordinary doctor in a small town for several years to become part of the local elite.

It’s nice when you are respected and considered irreplaceable. This is how the representatives of many specialties of medical art feel, who made breakthroughs in those areas of medicine in which they worked. Being a doctor means dedicating your whole life to finding a way to make a person happier. After all, the greatest property of every inhabitant of the planet is good health.

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Writing my dream of becoming a doctor