My favorite piece of music

Music in the modern world is present everywhere. Around so many different musical styles: pop music, rap, alternative, rock, disco, techno, drum and bass and, of course, immortal classics. Different people, depending on their tastes and preferences, like different music.

Scientists say that knowing the musical preferences of a person, you can determine its character. With this statement, I agree, because I think that music can show nature and soul. For example, they believe that people who listen to rock are smart and sensible.

As for me, I like listening to “Mill”. This group sings in the style of folk rock. In their repertoire are many Varangian, Scandinavian, English and many other ballads. I like this band because of the unusual music and good lyrics. Each of their songs has a deep meaning and is a whole story. They create with the help of music a magical world populated by knights, Vikings, Valkyries and many magical creatures. In addition, their soloist

has an extraordinary voice, it seems to me that such a talent is born very rarely.

I admire people who can create music themselves. I, unfortunately, lack this talent. In my understanding, such people can show feelings, draw pictures with the help of their songs. They are able to make the listener laugh or cry, think about the important and eternal.

It is important that the music was of high quality. I do not like it when it does not bear any meaning, except primitive instincts. Unfortunately, a lot of modern pop music has gone exactly along this path.

I think that you can not live without music, it is everywhere. I always listen to music regardless of mood. She often helps me in everyday life. Dull work around the house becomes easier and more fun under a good music track. A long road is brightened up by the presence of your favorite band. One contemporary poet wrote: “The world would be meaninglessly small without songs” – and I fully agree with him.

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My favorite piece of music