Writing about swimming

Arguing about the usefulness and importance of physical culture in the life of each person, it is necessary, first of all, to find a kind of sport for itself that would perfectly correspond not only to natural abilities, but also personal preferences. Such a sport for me was swimming, and, doing it, I, along with pleasant fatigue, always feel inexplicable pleasure.

Taking a great interest in swimming, a person becomes stronger and more enduring, his muscles develop dynamically and naturally, thus creating a beautiful and attractive torso. Widespread tears, flexibility, power and harmony make the figure a truly masculine one. Making strong strokes, a person perceives the load, much more serious than any exercises on the simulators.

Swimming is extremely useful for health. Trying to overcome the resistance of water, the swimmer develops his muscles in every possible way, his joints become more mobile, which helps to preserve the youthfulness of the body for many years. Making systematic breathing and exhalations, which is required by each of the modern styles of swimming, a person increases the volume of the lungs, developing the endurance of the respiratory system.

While engaging in swimming, the athlete enters into combat with the water element, a powerful and uncontrollable person, and this feeling is of particular concern and spurs, pushing for new and new sports achievements.

In addition, swimming is an extremely spectacular and beautiful sport. Bursting into the white foam, for a fraction of a second surfacing above the surface, rowing after rowing, making smooth but powerful movements, a good swimmer looks like a strong and swift sea creature, overcoming endless ocean expanses.

Developing and honing his skills, the swimmer will thereby improve his body and personal qualities, growing up not only by years, but also by experience.

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Writing about swimming