Protecting nature means protecting the motherland

This day is spent to protect the environment. It seems that the Earth is eternal, that man will always live on it, but in fact the threat of the end of any life lurks in the person himself.

Economic activity of people does not contribute to the conservation of the wildlife of our country. In the process of mining, the environment is subject to severe pollution.

Our country is very large and its living and inanimate nature is very rich and diverse. To preserve its people prohibit hunting, fishing, etc. Create nurseries for the protection of animals, conservation reserves: steppes, forests, lakes, rivers. For example: to preserve the unique nature of the Black Sea coast, the resort city of Sochi and its environs (mountain forests) are declared NATIONAL PARK. Everyone who lives on the Black Sea coast or comes here to relax should remember the uniqueness and vulnerability of the nature of these places and therefore take care of the nature of this wonderful land.


advocates around the world are doing everything possible to protect animals that are endangered; but their efforts require a considerable material base, government assistance, as well as charity funds to support environmental activities.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources regularly publishes the so-called Red Book. Its color, quite understandably, means OPHASTNESS; in this book are animals that quickly disappear from our planet. Who are they? And why is their survival today under question mark? Some of the species were hunted by humans and almost completely exterminated them – for their meat, sports interest, for skins or vanity. In other cases, the reason was the destruction of the natural habitat. But sometimes extinction is simply an integral part of life and evolutionary processes.

I can not imagine my homeland without walks through the forest, in the park, in the meadow, near the reservoirs. Bathing in the river or at sea. Without mountains, hills, our homeland will not be so beautiful, bright, close!

We must protect, cherish, love and be proud of it! NO! One can not live without a homeland, without nature, as one can not live without the heart.

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Protecting nature means protecting the motherland