Worship the great works of those years

Worship those great years.

On the day of remembrance – to the sons of Russia

Bearing wreaths live ligature,

Heat bouquets of different colors,

So as not to lose contact with the past.

1941-1945 … Years of the Great Patriotic War. The events of that terrible war we know only from movies, art works. It was a time of terrible, hard trials for our people. For four years the Russian soldiers defended their homeland from the German invaders with weapons in their hands. They went on the attack, lay in the trenches and in the heat and cold, went to the reconnaissance. Despite the difficulties, the brave fighters “brought the Victory Day closer as they could”. Among them were our compatriots, such as Irgit Shagdyrzhap, Irgit Bagbuzhap, Galina Dovaador, Aiyyzhy Sevene and others. Their names we must always remember. Their names we must perpetuate in monuments and transmit from generation to generation.

At the call of the heart, at the behest of the Motherland, the Russian people with honor carried the baton of military glory in the harsh years of the war. Since then, 65 years of peaceful life have passed in our country. But the people will long remember in their hearts the memory of those who did not return from the battle. We bow low to the gray veterans who are with us, who firmly believe in the great future of our Russia.

Eternal memory to soldiers, soldiers. They won us a victory, and this means our peaceful life today. We will worship all those who have gone through the paths of war. Worship those great years.

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Worship the great works of those years