The apple never falls far from the tree

Many mysteries are kept by the people’s wisdom. Proverbs and sayings can have a large number of meanings. And if so, then they have to research large and small. Our – the minimum size, it is devoted to the saying “Apple from the apple tree is not far away.”

Proverbs and sayings are the result of long-term and even centuries-old observations of people behind everything that happens around: the weather, the behavior of animals and insects, and plants. Each other was watched by people, memorizing and comparing.

Folk art is noteworthy in that it preserves long enough only the most imaginative and vivid prophecies. Remains in the language for a long time only that which is close and understandable, is that which can be seen every day. Naturally, the fall of apples people could watch every year, hence the saying goes “Apple from the apple tree is not far away.”

Plants have come up with many ways to multiply, their offsprings fly through

the air, are carried by birds and animals, float on the water in search of a piece of suitable land. And the apple tree did not bother itself: its fruits fall near the mother tree, right under its crown and at some short distance around. It will be lucky if an apple, torn by the wind, hits the slope and rolls a little further. So, from one small grain, accidentally entered, an impenetrable thicket of apple trees can form. This feature was once noticed by people and turned into a saying: “Apple is not far from the apple tree”.

However, many fruit trees, for example, plums, cherries, apricots reproduce in this way. And not only fruit: nuts, oaks, limes. Why did the saying originate in connection with the apple tree? One can only assume that it was this cultivated tree that was most often found in the homeland of our famous aphorism. It was the apple tree that was watched season after season by an unnamed unknown author of an imperishable sample of folk wisdom. After all, this idea is rightfully included in the gold fund called “Proverbs and proverbs.” Of course, in this phrase there is also

a certain poetry and even a certain rhythm. Such a comparison with a cherry or apricot would hardly come to us from the depths of the centuries, and, frankly speaking, is not a southern country to associate with apricots. This proverb is, as it is now fashionable to say, in the corpus of texts with the title “

The way fruit trees, in particular apple trees grow, is not bad and not good. Just in the process of evolution, at some point, it turned out to be the most effective way to continue the genus. And what is the meaning of the saying: “The apple does not fall far from the apple tree”? The answer is: mostly, unfortunately, negative. Such words speak about children, pupils, followers who repeat and exacerbate the mistakes and shortcomings of their parents, teachers, mentors. Also, the proverb is a little edifying: the one who uses it, as it emphasizes that it could not be otherwise. And if children did not continue the negative line of behavior, this would cause, rather, surprise and mistrust. People, about whom they say so, not only cast a shadow on their reputation, but also confirm:

Examples of the use of this saying are not just many, they can not be counted. All the bad things that are repeated in children and students are usually taken to illustrate this expression.

Is the son of a poor student learning badly? “Apple from the apple tree”. Do they drink alcoholic children? Same. Is the daughter of a woman of light behavior pregnant at sixteen? Again, “the apple from the apple tree.” And this expression is also used if the scientist who copied his articles word for word, only taught his wards, without giving them anything.

But, despite the harmless way of reproduction in the apple tree, this expression is almost not used in a positive sense. Did the pupil of the musician reach the peaks that remained unavailable to the teacher? We will say: “The pupil has surpassed the teacher”. Did the children have a more successful career than their parents? “Well done,” – praise the surrounding people and do not comment on it any more.

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The apple never falls far from the tree