Woe a Dreamer

More and more machines come to the aid of man. And some people start to think that they will completely free us from labor. This is what my friend Foma dreamed of. I really want him so that the robot does everything for him!

Thomas was a lazy, negligent and dreamy boy. And one day, coming from school, he saw a real robot on his couch. An unusual friend was made of metal, in the head of a square form there was a computer, three systems could be seen on it. Instead of ears, locators protruded, eyes replaced bright red light bulbs. On the robot’s body was still a lot of buttons, various devices.

Thomas decided to program a “friend” to do his homework. For this, the boy pressed the button, lowered the levers, and the robot whirred, sounded with antennas, blinked with light bulbs. Foma found the switch on the back of the car and turned it to the right. But then the robot cracked and… flew into many details.

To manage complex devices, the pupil must know well the physics, mathematics. But Thomas was illiterate and therefore could not cope with the robot. It turns out that with a very clever machine you can not do without knowledge.

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Woe a Dreamer