Biography Giordano Bruno

Biography Giordano Bruno

Giordano Bruno is a philosopher, scientist, poet.

Born Giordano Bruno in the city of Nola in 1548 in a military family. At the age of eleven in the biography of Giordano Bruno moved to Naples. The boy began to study logic and literature. Four years later, Bruno came to the monastery of St. Dominic. He became a monk, changed the name Filippo, given at birth, to Giordano. Having expressed doubt in some divine principles, Bruno brought upon himself suspicions. Then there was his escape. At first he stopped in Rome, and then went to the north of Italy.

Following this, Bruno was followed by frequent trips to European states, during which he gave lectures. After one such successful speech, Henry III proposed that Bruno stay with him in the courtyard. Also thanks to the assistance

of King Giordano, Bruno went to England. There the philosopher was under the auspices of the authorities, he published several of his works. However, very quickly Giordano made new enemies, and in 1585 again returned to France.

At the invitation of Giovanni Mocenigo Bruno stopped in Venice. But after another quarrel, Mecenigo sent a letter to the inquisitor, in which he told of Bruno’s negative attitude towards religion, the denial of divine principles. After two more denunciations, the arrest was followed. Bruno was imprisoned, where he was kept for seven years. Unable to change the views of the philosopher, the inquisitors issued him a death sentence, thereby putting an end to Bruno’s brief biography. February 17, 1600 in the square Campo dei Fiori Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake.

In the philosophical ideas of Bruno combined: natural philosophy, Neoplatonism, the philosophy of the Pythagoreans and the ancient materialists. Bruno in his biography assumed that the universe is infinite, there are many bodies like the Sun in it, and in our solar system there are still unknown planets. The scientist has put forward the assumption that on other planets there can be a life. In his biography, Bruno also showed literary talent. His works are characterized by a free dramatic form. Among his literary works: the comedy “Candlestick”, the poem “Noah’s Ark”, many philosophical sonnets.

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Biography Giordano Bruno