Composition my morning

Morning is the beginning of the day. How to meet him, and ask yourself a tone for the whole day. Morning is the backbone of our mood, physical condition, spiritual recovery, new achievements and successful deeds. I’ll tell you how my morning begins.

I get up early enough – around 6.30. When I wake up, I do not jump out of bed in fright that I’m late. I give myself a few minutes to “lie around”, open my eyes to get used to the new state. After I get up and devote a few minutes of a little physical exercise. Without straining the muscles, I do three or four simple exercises to bring my body into little activity. Then I go to the bathroom and perform daily natural procedures: I wash (I take a shower on certain days), brush my teeth, put my hair in order.

Now I’m going to make breakfast. I love to invent myself a breakfast, although my mother always has food for the reserve, if I do not succeed. Usually I cook myself sandwiches. I cut sausage or cheese, I spread butter, or I take out a jar with tasty jam. My favorite sandwich is a hot sandwich with cheese. Mom prepares me porridge or an omelet in the mornings. And I like corn flakes with milk. They feed with energy and give satiety.

After breakfast I check my readiness for the upcoming day. I collect the portfolio in the evening, so in the morning I do not need to do this. I do not run frantically around the room in search of a pencil case or a notebook.

The main thing is that my morning passes slowly. The bustle only causes anxiety. I do everything slowly, consistently. Every morning’s minute is for your business. This brings the body and mind in order, tuning on a working day. The body goes into an active state gradually. I’m in a good mood. The cheerfulness of the body, the desire to act, to know the world and make discoveries – this is my morning! Morning is the key to a successful day!

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Composition my morning