Man and time composition

Time flows like a fast river. It is impossible to stop or reverse it. As the sand runs away through your fingers, also time eludes us, so it is very important to appreciate it and cherish it. After all, human life – this is also just a piece of time, which passes very quickly.

Sometimes people expect something to happen, they want time to run as quickly as possible: spring would come sooner, a train would come faster, etc. At the same time, people well understand that they are getting older by the minute, and it’s impossible to return the past.

Unfortunately, with age, time does not slow down, but on the contrary, it starts to go faster. For a small child, one day is an eternity, and for an elderly person these days fly by like instant, very quickly.

In addition, time is also an amazing healer, which helps a person survive severe life upheavals.

However, no matter how a person tried to influence the course of time, he still could not do it. Time goes on as usual, and a person does not control him.

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Man and time composition