“Peter Grinev” composition

“Peter Grinev” composition

“The Captain’s Daughter” is not only a historical story, but also a work about life, love, growing up and the formation of the human personality.

Everything that happens in this literary work we see through the eyes of the main character – Peter Andreevich Grinev.

Petrusha’s childhood passed in the Simbirsk village. He grew up in the family of a retired officer and noblewoman. It must be said that the family of the Grinevs had many children. But all the brothers and sisters Petrushka died at a young age, so he was a favorite child. The education of the protagonist was engaged in the serf Savelich. From a very young age Peter bestowed the best features of the Russian national character, such as honesty, justice, loyalty, kindness, sincerity and

openness. All of them were revealed in Grinev during the life trials and largely predetermined the fate of the main character.

His independent life, Peter Andreevich began on arrival in Belogorsky fortress, where he was sent for military service. This place became the starting point of the maturation of the protagonist and his emergence as an independent person and an officer of faithful oath.

In the fortress Grinev meets his first love – Maria Mironova. Although the first impression of the girl was not very pleasant, because it was formed under the influence of Shvabrin’s stories, later Peter Andreevich was able to discern in her an educated and noble person. Seeing how Shvabrin demeans Masha, Grinev decides to intercede for her honor and causes the offender to duel. This act characterizes the protagonist, as a real gentleman, ready to stand up for the lady’s honor.

It is worth noting that Grinev was a very generous man. He, without a moment’s hesitation, gave the mere peasant with his hare’s sheepskin coat only because he helped him and Savelich get out of the snowstorm. This simple peasant was Emelyan Pugachev. Later, in this seemingly terrible man, the robber and rebel Grinev was able to see a simple man endowed with intelligence, daring, boldness, humanism.

After the rebels

captured the Belogorsky fortress, Grinev, unlike Shvabrin, remained true to the oath and his empress. He retained the honor of an officer and was ready to die fulfilling his duty to his homeland. Pyotr Andreevich directly told Pugachev that he would not swear to him, saying: “I swore allegiance to Empress Empress, I can not swear an oath.”

This honesty and openness helped Grinev to save Maria. He told Pugachev that Shvabrin forcibly kept her in the fortress and wanted to marry her. Pugachev frees the girl and blesses the young people by releasing them from the fortress.

In the image of Grinev, Pushkin showed us an exemplary person who is not afraid to give his life, protecting his beloved. Officer, who even at the most difficult moment remained faithful to the oath, his homeland.

The story ends with the proverb “Take care of your honor from the youth.” In my opinion, this expression was a red thread throughout the life of Pyotr Andreevich Grinev, and he remained loyal to him.

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“Peter Grinev” composition