Writing on the topic of wisdom

We call the wise the person who has received much knowledge and understood the truth about life and the world around us. But all these truths and knowledge do not just lie in his head a dead weight. A truly wise person can apply knowledge in his own life. And he is ready to share them with others. After all, other people also need knowledge to become smarter and happier.

The wise man can tell about important things so sincerely, as if touching the very soul of the interlocutor. However, he does not tell everyone in a row, but to those who really want it.

The wisdom of a person is his mind, erudition, restraint, tact. It is also the ability to help others, the ability to make the right decisions, to get out of a difficult situation. And take responsibility when you need it.

Long ago people in society respected the wise. They came to them for advice. More often they were old people. After all, people usually gain wisdom over the years, although not all. But wisdom can have both a child and a young man who looks at the world with clean and immediate eyes. One who clearly and correctly understands the laws of the surrounding world.

People always strive to achieve wisdom with the help of teachers, thinkers. For this they train their mind and intuition. They read wise books, observe surrounding people and nature, meditate or meditate.

Wisdom is like precious stones for a person. But it still costs more than diamonds and other treasures. It is not without reason that in the biblical parable King Solomon asked God for wisdom, not wealth or anything else.

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Writing on the topic of wisdom