“What does it mean to be fearless?”

Bravery is the quality of the character of a worthy person. This means that such a person is not afraid of any obstacles. When there is such a friend next to you, you can not be afraid to walk in the dark evenings, because he will be able to stand up for you, and not rush to run away that his heels will sparkle. A brave man is strong in spirit and will not give reason to doubt his intentions.

Synonyms for the concept of courage are many – courage, courage. Many subjects of classical literature are devoted to brave people. The authors wrote about them, so that people remember and know their defenders. Literature allows us not to forget about great deeds, many of which are based on real events. One of the memorable examples is the behavior of Taras Bulba.

Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol showed him a brave man in an episode when he learned that his son was taken prisoner to the enemy and made his way to them to protect him. Paternal anxiety and love did their work and inspired

him to do this brave deed. When Ostap was tortured in the square, tortured, Taras was not afraid to be killed, responded to the call of his son. In the last moments of his life Ostap knew that his father was near and this gave him inner peace.

Thus, Taras Bulba showed courage to support his son, although he was already a step away from death. His courage overcame the fear that he himself could be killed. Endangering himself, he gave a drop of love to his son.

Not only in literary works, but also in historical events were the brave heroes. They did not think for a minute to act differently. Everyone knows the act of Ivan Susanin, who gave his life for taking his enemies away from his compatriots. He managed to warn the villagers about the impending danger, secured them, but he was subjected to mortal torture: they killed in agony, cutting his flesh into small pieces. This is indeed a brave deed of a worthy person, which the modern generation also remembers. The courage of Ivan remained in the hearts for many years.

Thus, being brave means not being afraid of anyone or anything, risking not only the situation in society, but also your own life. Courage helps a strong man save the weak, help out and protect him from danger. Brave people are at any time ready to help, without thinking about the consequences. Such people are respected and appreciated in society. Unfortunately, our generation does not think about other people.

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“What does it mean to be fearless?”