Composition on the subject of kindness

Good is a bright and pleasant feeling, which gives a smile, brings joy. Sometimes it causes heart sinking. Good is comparable with a piece of happiness.

All my friends have their own definition of good. Someone thinks that being kind is not to offend the weak, not to deceive and help people. Others believe that if you fulfilled your duty to your family, to your relatives, you did not fail anyone – it’s kindness. Good in my understanding is to intentionally and disinterestedly help another without expecting something in return. If I just prompted a stranger to me how to get to the place of interest, that’s good. Good, done effortlessly and spontaneously is the most pleasant act for me.

I try to be good and do good for everyone. For acquaintances and strangers, for animals. Goodness is the highest manifestation of morality in any person.

The good is not easy to create. After all, now many people think in most cases about themselves and their interests, run on business and do not want to notice those who need help. But many people have enough warm words, a smile or an encouraging handshake. Learning to do good, to be kind is hard but worthy work. And the good, made free of charge, with a pure heart, will return to you a hundredfold.

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Composition on the subject of kindness