Why do people write

For what does a person live? This question always excited people’s hearts. Sooner or later each of us thinks about his mission in this life.

Some, dying, leave behind a light that never fades, and others leave without a trace, as if they were not at all. Why is this happening? I believe that this depends on how much a person gives himself to others.

Some want to provide only themselves and their relatives, their world is limited only by the closest people. They are not interested in what happens to the others, whether someone needs help. But there is a category of people (I must note that there are very few of them) who are used to giving themselves to the world. They live and work for other people. All people of the earth are their family, and they always come to their aid. To such people, perhaps, it is possible to include writers, poets who created immortal masterpieces, so that others would not die spiritually, continue to live.

I believe that a person

does not die, that we live many lives, each of which is a test that must be passed with honor. From life we ​​draw not only joy, but also sorrows. Why does fate bring suffering and misfortune? Probably, everyone noticed that after the experienced tension you become purer than the soul. You start to notice things that you have not seen before. Remember the night sky. It is impossible to describe the sensations that stars cause, the moon. Mental sadness, pain make everyone perceive in a different way.

Sometimes it seems to me that we are all just guests in this life. Some seek to understand something, understand, others do not pay attention to anything. Probably, it depends on the spiritual experience of everyone. I think that people with a subtle soul, capable of doing wonderful things, have lived many lives and have acquired sufficient spiritual experience. Such people are always different from those whose soul has little experience.

Hence, a person lives to gain experience of the soul. But how? The writer Fyodor Abramov reflects: “What do I understand by everyone’s spiritual work?” This is self-education, the building of one’s own soul, everyday self-control, everyday self-examination by the highest court that is given to a person – the court of one’s own conscience. “

Throughout life, everyone has to work on themselves to elevate themselves to the ideal. After all, only those people who do not allow the soul to be lazy, do good deeds are worthy of respect. For this, man lives.

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Why do people write