What is nobility

Blagodorstvo can be understood as a “good kind”, that is, a kind that does good deeds. And if you look at the root, then the good kind did good deeds more than once a day, but constantly, as if living with the understanding that it is necessary to do good deeds all the time. And only later, when people ceased to remember their ancestors and began to live by other principles, the word “nobility” was transformed into our present understanding. What is nobility? What used to be noble is now unattainable for many, but what was the norm (caring for old age, women, children) is considered noble, and this is really what the world needs today!

The fact is that culture plays very much in our life, and in itself culture can not exist. It should be vaccinated to any person. And the earlier this is done, the better it will be for society. Now we need to understand what affects our culture, what is true nobility.

A special place can be given to upbringing, which

many parents simply do not give due to the fact that they are constantly busy at work. Modernity is this: parents are separated from children and unable to be with them so much time to explain and show examples of good qualities of a person, such as, for example, nobility.

People stop reading high-quality literature – this is a very weighty problem of nobility. The person copies the model of behavior that he sees. If before people read a lot, then their idea of ​​nobility was extensive, now it is “unfashionable”. Most people follow this: if we live among wolves, then we need to howl like they do. Although we do not consider ourselves wolves. Then there is profit, greed, cruelty. and nobility where? We say to ourselves, if we go by bus: “No, let someone give to the old woman’s place”, and young thinks: “Why should I give in to something? Let others give in.” It turns out that nobility takes place only after a sense of their own comfort and convenience.

Nobility is to some extent a victim: a victim of time, money, desires, opportunities. So, an example of

what it means to be noble: to regularly help a poor family, to take care of a homeless child. And it’s not necessary to take him home, you can just visit him in the orphanage. This is nobility!

The meaning of this word may not be one, but this is not so important, the actions themselves, or rather the good deeds of a person, are important. A person should want to be so without stimulation. Doing good, maybe now, and unusual, there are no more Donkikhotov and D’Artanyan, but still there are we – ordinary people who, if desired, can act as nobly and honestly as well-known heroes of novels. And you, dear readers, perhaps you can remember your good deeds, which you can repeat many times.

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What is nobility