Colors of autumn

The ability to see and distinguish colors is one of the most unique in the world, only the human eye has similar characteristics. In order to see the beauty of nature it’s enough to just open your eyes and look around. Blue ebb stream streams, green foliage of trees and bushes, a blue sky vault – a variety of all colors can not be listed. Color perception can affect mood (red), pacify (green), and even improve performance (yellow), and some colors have the ability to depress (purple).

Many people, including artists and poets, often describe the spring as a natural phenomenon and a crown of beauty. But there are also those who defined it as a “consumptive virgin” (AS Pushkin), and their preference was given to a “dull pore”. The natural cycle of the seasons can be conditionally described as: spring – birth and autumn – withering. The end of his life process nature is accompanied by incredible changes. From the usual cessation of photosynthesis,

by means of which the fiber of the tree feeds, the cardinal appearance of the habitual flora changes.

Since September, the autumn trimester of amazing changes begins. Already starting from school age, when attending school, you begin to follow the changes in the environmental palette along the road to classes. Juicy green leaves become thin and sinewy, transparent, slightly later and completely dry and folded at the edge. But the magic of this time lies in the palette of shades that burn around. One object can be simultaneously: yellow, light green, brown and even blaze red.

Just walking along the street at this time is so nice to kick the fallen leaves, to hear her soft rustling, caused by friction against the feet and asphalt. On a sunny day, when the crowns completely painted the autumn, the world seems golden. The rays of the sun penetrate to the ground, reflecting warm notes, once again recalling the last fair days of this season. When a light wind blows at these moments and tears off the leaves, a feeling of a golden rockfall or a meteor shower is created.

Bright and unique time of transition from a hot summer to a cold winter for everyone has its own beauty. There is a story that a blind beggar wrote on a plate: “It’s now autumn, but I do not see its colors.” And for this day the tramp has earned as never. Because everyone understood how much happiness this unfortunate person could not see the beauty of nature.

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Colors of autumn