Who should give gifts on his birthday?

“To whom to give gifts on your birthday?” When I first heard the topic of this work, I was very surprised. And at first I could not understand what the teacher wanted from me. Who can give gifts on his birthday? It’s my birthday! Gifts should give me, not the other way around. But then I read a note about two boys. One of them, Oleg, asked everyone to give him money for his birthday. He wanted to buy himself a “smart thing” in the store. And the other, Dima, on his birthday on all the money he earned in the summer bought a gift to his mother.

And I felt ashamed. Am I really similar to this Oleg? Of course, I really love my mother and always congratulate her on the Eighth March and the day of her birth. But it never occurred to me to congratulate her on her birthday. But if it were not for my mother, I would not be in the world. Mom takes care of me, gives all the best. She has a small salary, and she must divide her into three. I understand all this.

But still, when my birthday is approaching, I often “order” her jeans or a tape recorder so that it is “like everyone else’s.” And I do not want to hear that we have no money. And my mother somehow tries to fulfill my wishes, and she goes all summer in one old dress.

But now I’m ashamed of how I behaved. Never again will I order my dearest gifts. As much as I would like to make my mom a pleasant surprise on my birthday by preparing gifts for her. However, I still do not work and I do not know how to make money. But you can do something with your own hands. I’m good at embroidering. I know that my mother loves flowers very much, but she is rarely given them. Her birthday is in winter, and flowers are then expensive. And so I decided that I would send my mother a large bouquet of beautiful flowers and give it on her birthday. Let her have flowers now. And, of course, on my birthday, I will be preparing together with my mother for the arrival of guests. Then my mother is not very tired and she will have a good mood.

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Who should give gifts on his birthday?