Visiting grandmother

My grandmother lives in Ryazan. This city is not far from us, that’s why I visited my grandmother on a visit more than once. Every time I visit her, I go out with my grandmother in the city. Often we come to the Ryazan Kremlin. Of course, it is less than Moscow, but it is also very interesting. There is a museum where you can see different antiques.

Grandma lives in her one-story house on the outskirts of Ryazan. This house is very beautiful, with carved shutters on the windows, on the roof red tile.

When I’m visiting my grandmother, I immediately have many necessary things to do: I need to meet my friends from neighboring houses, run to the river, which flows right after the grandmother’s garden. Then we go to the birch grove with the guys. She is also near the grandmother’s house.

When I play enough and come home, my grandmother begins to treat me with different tastes: raspberry jam, fragrant tea with herbs, Tula gingerbread, pie with a viz, and on the table there are always apples, because my grandmother has a garden with large apples.

After eating, I again run to the street, and my parents stay at home with my grandmother – they rest, talk about life, my father helps with the household.

So the first day of our stay with my grandmother passes. This time it was so. I’m used to a measured life at my grandmother’s, and I really like it. I loved this calmness and order.

Next year, we will probably go to my grandmother again, maybe even visit her twice.

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Visiting grandmother